Meet & Greet

Our Meet & Greet packages feature a pre-show Meet & Greet with two Sesame Street Live friends, including Elmo! Take personal photos with favorite friends and more!

Meet & Greet packages – Sunny Seats – vary by city and are subject to availability. Orders will include a separate Meet & Greet ticket for each member of your party, which you’ll receive with your show tickets. Each adult and child (age 1 and up) in a group must have both a show ticket and Meet & Greet ticket to participate. All Meet & Greets start one hour before show time and last 20 minutes; please check your tickets for exact arrival time. Latecomers may miss the opportunity. Please meet at the Sunny Seats sign in the main lobby. Don’t forget your camera!

Parents, please note that our live show characters are full-body, human costumes. They are larger in size and scale than the puppets on Sesame Street. While most children are excited to meet the characters up-close, others can feel frightened. If your child is scared or hesitant to meet the characters, we recommend moving to the back of the line; this will allow your child the extra time he/she may need to warm up to the characters and see how they interact with other children present.

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